Friday, 4 January 2019

How to design blog/website 2019

After blog banane designing a blog is very important. Because if the blog is not good then nobody will like your blog. And no visitor will visit your blog twice. It is very important to design a blog so it is very important to design a blog. That's why new bloggers have a problem in designing their blog. But Friends If you are reading this post then this means how you design your website,

At this post, I will tell you tips on how to design some such blogs that you can easily design your blog without any coding knowledge. How To Design Website Latest 10 Tips For Beginners In 2019 If you read this post properly and design your website, it will look good and the user will like it.

1. Template 

Template is a very impotent thing to design a blog. If Your Template Is Not Good Then you will not be able to design your blog well. So, after creating a blog, you first need a great template. SEO which is fast loading with Template simple unique You can download a new template like this and upload it to your blog. This will make your blog look great. And visitors of your blog will also grow.

2. Add popular and recent post widget 

Must add a popular post and recent post widget to the sidebar of the blog. It will also be easy for visitors of your blog to read your popular & recent post. And your blog will also look beautiful and professional. As well as the recent and popular post on the side bar, engagement on your site will also increase. And your blog's bounce rate will be reduced. And if the blog's bounce rates will be lower, then your AdSense CPC will increase.

3. Simple colour

While designing a blog, many new bloggers offer 4-5 color add-ons to the blog for the well-designed design of your blog, which is not quite right for your blog site. This is a problem for visitors of your blog. So do not make your blog over colorful and keep the blog's color simple.

4. Add email subscription widget

Your blog will look exactly like the website from the Email subscribe widget. And your visitors will also be able to subscribe to your blog site. Anytime you update something on your blog, your subscriber receives a mail. By which they will visit your blog to read your post. And returning visitors to your blog will also increase. So you can add an Email subscribe widget to your blog. To add email to subscribe widget, you can add free email subscribe widget to feedburner.

5. Create a logo

You must have seen the logo of many big companies. And you will also remember a lot of bike and Logo of Car Company. Same is the same logo that you also create for your blog. There are many websites on the Internet where you can create a free logo for your blog. Logo gives your blog a different identity. Or visitors will also be very easy to remember your site name. So you also make a great logo and add it to your blog and website.

6. Use image in article 

Image is a very important item on Post. Image is easy to understand blog post. So you always add images to your blog post. But use only the photo post related to the blog post. And worthless images mean never add additional images.

7. Add social share button 

To design a blog, social follow and sharing button is very important for the blog site. Because if a visitor wants to share your post after reading it, then he can use the social sharing button. And if someone wants to follow you on a social site from your blog, you can easily follow. And with social sharing buttons, your website will look like a very professional and complete website. So add social sharing buttons to your blog site.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Best seo techniques 2019

Seo techniques are described here in 2019 which is very important for filing your blogging. Seo is a subject that every blogger wants to be new or old-fashioned, because of the success of the blogging world. This is an important thing to do. This is because without the possibility of any page coming into the 1st page of google, the page remains the same.
Best seo techniques
This is not about too much coding knowledge, but how is it that people search any thing and google, how to hold these queries and put the website's page in top.

It is necessary for this to be updated about seo techniques from time to time, so here we have brought some important information about seo techniques 2019 for you. So you can get help in your blogging on page seo.

1. Meta Description

In November 2017, a number of seo tools observed that Google is now giving importance to long meta description and at least the meta description should be of 230 words.

The long meta description does not mean that the unrestrained things are too meaningful for you to describe meta description written in the meta description. Your audience will be able to understand your article briefly. You will be surprised to know that there were some good websites and their The meta descriptions were low in size, google was correcting them manually.

2. Keyword planning

The keyword for the new blogger would be very important as you would have been cleared by name, key means the key and word meanings. We should use words in our article that the audience searches, searching for any queries.

Keep in mind that when you use the keyword, use it in your main heading, subheading and paragraph, but keep the density as much as it allows seo tools.

3. Reduce loading time

Audience searches for some of your queries in google, at that time, first of all, see how quickly the site is opening. If the opening time of your website is high, then the audience will close the site before the site is open and you will get traffic loss Will have to face So you try to reduce the opening time of your site. This is a very important part of seo techniques 2018.

Google gives the site speed between 1 to 100, if the speed of your site is above 80, then it is better if it is above 9 0 and it is also good site speed to check, there are many free tools you can use Can have.

4. Mobile responsive

The website after Google's guide line should be mobile friendly, it is also part of an important seo techniques 2018 that your site should be mobile responsive, for which you can use many tools. Of those, google's AMP is also used to make the site responsive to mobile.

You yourself have also realized that in the past few years mobile has replaced desktop, laptop, everybody can be using smart phones today, while reading this article you are also using mobile so you can also use your site Try making a mobile responsive

5. Linking

Linking means that when you write an article, keep in mind that when your bounce rate is reduced and reducing the bounce rate, linking the other blog link you wrote in your article between your new article so that the reader will link that link Click on the old page and spend more time in your site.

The advantage of this will be that the bounce rate of the site will be reduced and your audience will be interested in getting the article and would like to visit it again in your site. Thus linking blog is called internal linking. You can also use it in your blog.

6. Image optimization

You may have heard many times that a picture is equal to a thousand words and it is also right because the audience looks at the image before reading the article and it is understood that what is written about in your article. Something special about image optimization that you should adopt.

a. Image can also count it in google word and it is easy to understand the audience.

b. Use alt text because many times the image is not loaded, then the word above the image is shown which tells about the article in which article is an article.

c. Use captions because people read 300% more image than content.

D. WordPress has a great feature of add captions and alt text, you can use it.

E. Image size should be reduced but the quality should not be reduced.

Best templates for blogger

In today's post, you will give me some 10 blogger template which will be mobile friendly and SEO friendly. As you know, google's blogger is very famous for blogging, with blogger being free and very easy to manage Because of every one of the new blogger creates on their websitie blogger.We can blogging on any platform such as wordpress, blogspot or any other, but for us all we need a good design which is SEO Friendly for us , Mobile Friendly, Adsense Friendly and better responsive to navigate your reader
Best template for blogger

We find the template of blogger on the internet which is SEO friendly and mobile friendly, so we have brought 10 SEO Optimized & Mobile Friendly Blogger Templates for you and this is absolutely free and it is absolutely free. Anyone who is going to tell you a blogger template is absolutely free, you do not need to pay any money for it. Whenever we create a website we first design it because it is very important, why our visitors should look good on the website and visit the website again.

1. Maggner

Maggner is a premium look template, like you will find the bottom of wordpress's ribbon theme. This has left a header banner, where you can place your ads. If you have a look like your blog wordpress then it can be a good option.

2. Max mag

Max Mag also has a theme from wordpress. Its premium theme is Magazine Style. This template is alag from all blogger template. If you have a technology or news related blog then it is best for you.

3. Gordon

If you want to make your website simple but the style Gotham template like stylish is for you. Gordon is omitted from all the templates. In this you will get a social share button which allows you to share content.

4. Elice

Elice is a very good and premium looking theme. From Blogtipsntricks, Chandeep Bhai has designed the theme. This theme has a custom in-form. Elice is a fast loading and SEO optimized template, it is best for any blogging.

5. Palki 2

Palki 2 is a very good blogger template, in which you will get easy admin panel and this is my personal experience. I used to use it very responsive template, it is mobile friendly and SEO friendly.

6. Hot mag

Hot mag responsive template is best for news related website, in this you have the option of recent updates and subject highlight of the menu bar. If your blog news is sai related then this is the best for you.

7. Newson

NewsOn Magazine can give a nice look to your website by downloading Blogger Template Free, and you will also find good options. I think this is the best blogger template because it has been created in Release: 09/09/2018. On the templatesyard site you will find a great blogger theme,

Some powerful seo tips

These SEO Tips are for beginners who are new to the blogging world. Those who are truly new bloggers do not know how to get their blog far and beyond and how to reach more visitors. When readers do not come to the blog on these new bloggers, they come to the tension that why are not visitors coming to their blog and they start blogging or start blogging as boring.
Some powerful seo tips
Blogging is such a career that you can do by staying free. So do not tension will be all success and will earn money from blog. Bloggers like you exist to help you. So dear, I will tell you about top 5 powerful SEO tips in this post, with the help of which you can rank blog content on Google's first page.

1. Focus on content

Focus on content content matters a lot for the blog. You focus your post content on what you want to tell readers. Whenever you write a content, write it unique and attractive so that a reader can read your content and become your fan and share your content to your friends. You can in any way make your post content quality.
 One more thing to say is that your content should be clean and long. Meaning that the content length should be about 600+, if you want to rank on google's first page, because google always likes clean and quality content.

2. Google trends

If you want to fast your blog, use google trends. In Google trends, you will know what people are searching for more. Here you can select from your category the topic on which your blog is. google trends will help you very much to get your blog ranked first on google in the first page.

3. Backlinks

Yes, it comes back to the backlinks, then you also create backlinks. You can comment on popular blogs to create backlinks as well as guest posting. This will give you high-quality backlinks. The quality backlinks of your blog are as high as your blog google and readers will also come.

4. Title tags description

This blog is very important for seo. You can optimize your blog's title, tag and meta description. You can use keywords in the title of your post as well as keywords in meta descriptions.

5. Google search console

If you want to show your blog in Google's search result, then you have to submit your blog in the google search console. It is very important to do this because Google will know that you also have a blog or site.

How to approve adsense fast

If you do blogging, you will know about Google Adsense well, what is Google Adsense and how to earn money? But the problem is that Google Adsense Account Approval is not available soon,
Blog / website has been created and you are not getting the Google AdSense Account Approved, then after reading this post, the account will be available and you can earn good from your blog! You must know the google adsense best advertisements network,
The first Google Adsense Approval was found very quickly, but the user grew and more privacy remains, Adsense Approve from Blog / Youtube is no longer what it is,
How to approve adsense
If you call money from the internet and you have a blog / website, then I will give you ten good tips for Google Adsense Approval Tricks, which will be available in 24 hours, follow the tips mentioned in this post in your blog,

1. Blog design

Your site should be a good design and user friendly Mobile friendly Simple look, Navigation menu bar are important to have good customization. Fast loading Theme Template, Search engine friendly, sidebar or footer, remove unwanted widgets,

2. Use top level domain

Google has made its policies changes before it was found aprovel at but now you have to get the custom domain name .com .in but some people read behind the free domain which takes a little time,
You should have a good your domain name at least 6 months old and you need to visit visitor daily 100+ traffic from Google search engine on your website, if your site adheres to the AdSense rules, you will get it within a month,

3. Good and enough post

These mistakes are made repeatedly by users without writing posts or writing 4, 5, for adsense, adsense application under review,
You have to publish work from 10 to 15 post on the website, without the need to have a photo without a copyright. I have already told you where to download the photos for the blog post, do not use a lot of images. Heading, while writing posts. posthead with subheading minor heading should be good,

4. Important pages

About Page In this you can write about yourself and the site which is very important, after that you can create Contact Us Page which will be able to contact you from the visitor Create Privacy Page important You will have to tell how infromatio shares on your site and any If you open your site, the user's data will be able to write everything, Privacy Policy Generators can be made in free,

5. Unique content

There should be no copyrighted material on your site such as content image videos, etc. If you apply for adsense when publishing such content then it will not be accepted,

6. Remove other ad network

When we do not have an AdSense account, earn money to show on the add banner site of any other advertising company and without applying for adsense policies that are against adsense policies,
Like: - Chitika, Infolinks, Clicksor etc. After removing Other Ad Networks, get it quickly after applying,