Google adsense approval trick of 2018

Hello friends, how are you today our topic is Adsense. Today i will talk about google adsense approval trick of 2018 so guys if you want to approve your google adsense account fast then read this artcle full and i am 100% sure that you get aprroval from adsense in only one day. So now explore the topic.
Approve adsense
So guys lots of people think that is hard to get approval from adsense but i think they are wrong because in my view its very easy and simple to get approval from adsense. Just follow my steps and you are worried about it. I give you my best and read it carefully.

1. High quality content

You want to create high quality content on your blog or website. High quality content means a good and well writed post and lengthy post is about minimum 700 word. And remember when you write post don't do grammer mistake in your article.

 some people write low quality article mean its length about 400 work and do grammer mistakes in article for this reason they don't get approval from adsense. But remember you don't do this otherwise you don't get approval.

2. Remove other networks ads 

Yes if you want to approve adsense so don't use other network ads otherwise you don't get approval if you use otger ads network on your blog or website then remove it when you submit your website for adsense and after submitting dontd use any other ads Till then you don't get approval from adsense. 

So remember that thing in your mind always and follow my instructions and these are helpful for you.

3. Remove unused widget

Yes removed unsed widget from your website. Don't use extra widget or plugins on your website because if you use extra widget or plugin they reduce loading speed of your website and the loading speed of your website is important for approving adsense.
This causes that you don't get approval. So please attention to this topic and got easily approval.

4. Website design

Design your website good and responsive. Use theme that looks your website professional there are lots of free themes available on internet. Remember that your website is mobile friendly. Mobile friendly means if a visitor is visit your website in mobile so it display properly on mobile and load fast with a good interface because adsense need a mobile friendly interface.

So apply a mobile friendly theme on your website. Because about all theme are desktop friendly but no mobile friendly.

5. Remove copyrighted material

Your website don't have any copyright material like image,video and somebody copied article. write a geniun article by yourself don't copy someone article. If your website have copyrighted material then you don't get approval. So remove all copyrighted material from your website.

6. Create pages

Create sone important pages like About Us,Contact Us, Disclaimer,Privacy Policy. On your website these pages are must available for approval of adsense.

7. 15 + Unique articles

First your website have atleast 15 + article then apply for adsense other you don't get approval. I recommend you that apply for adsense when you writted 20 + article so you get fast approval.

So guys thess are some ways of google " adsense approval trick " of 2018 and guys its 100 % working trick just follow these steps and get approval in 1 day. 
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