Tuesday, 25 December 2018

What is bounce rate

What is bounce rate

What is bounce rate

Bounce rate is single-page sessions tax percentages. When a visitor comes to your site then how long they stay on your site. And how many pages it opens. Bounce rate is the average tax percentage (%) of this. If your website tax bounce rate is very high then it means visitor's is not much interested in your site. Or we can say that visitors do not like your site. If the tax site is new and post is too low on your blog then it is not too much to be more than a bounce rate, because the post is reduced to new site. So its bounce rate is even higher. But if you make the site is old and there are lots of posts too. Then there may be a lot of reason to bounce rate higher.

How to decrease it

If your blog is site or website. Then you may have heard of google analytics. Google analytic google is a free product. Using which we can easily find out about our users. Of how many visitors are coming from and how many pageviews are happening. Also, how much bounce rate is happening. And what time the visitor is reading to the kitne time So today we will talk about the bounce rate in this post, what is the bounce rate. You can find all this information on this post and how to reduce it. What is Bounce Rate and how to reduce it Bounce Rate, what should be the percentage, or if the bounce rate is high,

Decrease bounce rate tips:-

1. Loading time

If there is more image on your site and the size of those images is greater then the load time of the blog increases. Use image in blog but not too much And let's keep the size of the image below, which is your blog Fast loading.

2. Over widget

I have seen on many sites that an hi.widget is added to 3/4 place. If you do this, then the visitor will be able to find the right post. And they will leave your site. So you keep the widget as always as you need it. And remove the other widget and do not use the same widget again and again

3. Site design

If your site does not have a good design. So visitors will not like your site at all. Blog's nice design attracts visitors. If your blog design is not correct then readers will not take interest in your blog and will leave immediately. So you first off all design your blog well.

4. Post title

Keep the title of the post correct and keep it which can be understood to be what is in post. If you do not keep the title of the post right then why do not you write any big and good post visitors. After reading your title, if they do not come to society then what is in the post, then they will not even open that post. So you keep the title of the post right.

5. Article length

When you write on a topic, you can give it full details so that visitors can get full information, post at least 500 to 1000 words in your post.

6. Over label or category

The blog category should be the same as the one on which your blog is. If you will only enter his article then whatever information the visitor will want, it will be easily found. But if you use useless labels and categories, then the visitor's information will be available for searching and they will leave the site.

7. Other post links

If you do not add a link to another post on your new post, then most visitors will not go to the second post. So whenever you add a new post, always add your old post link. This will increase the page's review of your blog, and visitors will also stay too long on your site.