Tuesday, 25 December 2018

How to approve adsense fast

If you do blogging, you will know about Google Adsense well, what is Google Adsense and how to earn money? But the problem is that Google Adsense Account Approval is not available soon,
Blog / website has been created and you are not getting the Google AdSense Account Approved, then after reading this post, the account will be available and you can earn good from your blog! You must know the google adsense best advertisements network,
The first Google Adsense Approval was found very quickly, but the user grew and more privacy remains, Adsense Approve from Blog / Youtube is no longer what it is,
How to approve adsense
If you call money from the internet and you have a blog / website, then I will give you ten good tips for Google Adsense Approval Tricks, which will be available in 24 hours, follow the tips mentioned in this post in your blog,

1. Blog design

Your site should be a good design and user friendly Mobile friendly Simple look, Navigation menu bar are important to have good customization. Fast loading Theme Template, Search engine friendly, sidebar or footer, remove unwanted widgets,

2. Use top level domain

Google has made its policies changes before it was found aprovel at yoururl.blogspot.com but now you have to get the custom domain name .com .in but some people read behind the free domain which takes a little time,
You should have a good your domain name at least 6 months old and you need to visit visitor daily 100+ traffic from Google search engine on your website, if your site adheres to the AdSense rules, you will get it within a month,

3. Good and enough post

These mistakes are made repeatedly by users without writing posts or writing 4, 5, for adsense, adsense application under review,
You have to publish work from 10 to 15 post on the website, without the need to have a photo without a copyright. I have already told you where to download the photos for the blog post, do not use a lot of images. Heading, while writing posts. posthead with subheading minor heading should be good,

4. Important pages

About Page In this you can write about yourself and the site which is very important, after that you can create Contact Us Page which will be able to contact you from the visitor Create Privacy Page important You will have to tell how infromatio shares on your site and any If you open your site, the user's data will be able to write everything, Privacy Policy Generators can be made in free,

5. Unique content

There should be no copyrighted material on your site such as content image videos, etc. If you apply for adsense when publishing such content then it will not be accepted,

6. Remove other ad network

When we do not have an AdSense account, earn money to show on the add banner site of any other advertising company and without applying for adsense policies that are against adsense policies,
Like: - Chitika, Infolinks, Clicksor etc. After removing Other Ad Networks, get it quickly after applying,